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8000 Fake Social Media Handles identified in J&K: DGP Swain

Says Narco-Terror links found in Turkey, Canda, Paris; 2024 to witness a deceive battle against narco-terror, its handlers; links between narco-terror, separatists, terrorism nailed in 2022; Will reach out to handlers sitting in other parts of world through Interpol


Jammu, Dec 30: J&K police wasn’t fighting against the gun-wielding terrorists only but also the false narrative being spread by almost 8000 fake social media handlers sitting across with an aim to incite trouble and glorify terrorism, Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain said Saturday.

Our battle is not against terrorists only but against the narrative which is being spread by 8000 fake social media handles—facebook, twitter and instagram. Their handlers are sitting across and their aim is to incite trouble and glorify terrorism.

They peddle wrong information. We are acting against them under the ambit of law after differentiating the genuine and not-genuine,” he said. “We will act against them under IT Act 61. If need arises, we will catch-hold of them through Interpol.”

Narco-Terror links found in Turkey, Canda, Paris: The year 2024 will witness a decisive battle against narco-terror. “The links between narco-terror, separatism and terrorism was already nailed in 2022,” he said

Links of narco-terrorism have been found in Kashmir to Jammu to Punjab and Delhi. Other links including the handlers were traced in Paris, Canada and Turkey. In the recent case of the Ramban narco-terror module, the mastermind was traced in Turkey.”

Cyber Crime, a lot more needs to be done: DGP Swain said that police are mindful about cybercrime and the fact is that this crime is going under-reported and affecting more people than what police actually knows. “We are upgrading the system and lot more needs to be done to prevent cybercrimes,” he said, adding that large amount was traced and given back to the people who were cheated through internet fraud and digital world frauds.(Agencies)



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