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Champions Trophy 2025 Set To Be Moved Out Of Pakistan


Pakistan’s bid to host the 2025 Champions Trophy is at risk due to India’s reluctance to participate in the tournament, mirroring the scenario seen in the 2022 Asia Cup.

The ongoing political tensions and security concerns between the nations have led to uncertainty about India’s involvement in matches held in Pakistan.

The recent history of strained relations saw India withdraw from the 2022 Asia Cup, prompting the tournament to be conducted with a hybrid model, co-hosted by Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

This decision raises questions about Pakistan’s hosting rights for the upcoming Champions Trophy.

Amid discussions between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the ICC executive board in Ahmedabad, Pakistani officials highlighted the risk of India refusing to send its team and stressed the need for caution in making unilateral decisions concerning the tournament’s venue.

The PCB has highlighted that there hasn’t been any major security concerns in recent years

The PCB underscored that despite security concerns raised by India, several top teams like England, New Zealand, and Australia have successfully toured Pakistan in recent years without incident.

They proposed that if India insists on security evaluations, an independent agency should assess the situation in consultation with Pakistani authorities.

If India opts out and matches are relocated, the PCB urged the ICC to compensate Pakistan for any consequential losses. The 2025 Champions Trophy, returning for the first time since 2017, is poised to feature eight teams, each vying for the prestigious title.

The 2025 ICC Champions Trophy marks the ninth instalment of the prestigious cricket tournament organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Scheduled for February and March 2025, the competition will bring together the top eight-ranked One Day International (ODI) men’s national teams. Pakistan, the current titleholder, will host the event after securing victory in the previous edition held in 2017.



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