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Community Centres Coming Up At Chattabal, Noor Bagh


SRINAGAR: Community centers in Chattabal and Rakh Colony Noor Bagh, Srinagar are set to become a reality, fulfilling a longstanding demand from the local population. With budgets of 2.95 Crores and 2.23 Crores respectively, these centers will serve as hubs for various social and recreational activities.

The Mayor of Srinagar, Junaid Azim Mattu, accompanied by concerned Corporators and Vice Chairman Srinagar Development Authority (SDA), Haris Ahmad Handoo, along with senior SDA officials, laid the foundation stone for these community centers.

During the inaugural functions, the Mayor emphasised the government’s commitment to the welfare of the masses and expressed satisfaction in meeting the demand of Chattabal and Noor Bagh residents by providing them with these essential facilities.

Local residents warmly welcomed this development and conveyed their gratitude to the Mayor and Vice Chairman SDA for transforming these community centres into a reality.

They firmly believe that these centres will not only cater to their immediate needs but also contribute significantly to the progress and prosperity of the local area.



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