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“Dr. Darakhshan claims J&K politicians supported drug trade for personal gain.”


Srinagar, Nov 15: Chairperson of Jammu & Kashmir Waqf Board and Minister of State, Dr Syed Darakhshan Andrabi on Wednesday highlighted the alarming issue of drug abuse in Kashmir and its detrimental impact on the youth. She attributed the introduction of this “silent killer” in Kashmir to those with vested interests, particularly individuals who aimed to manipulate and direct the youth towards disruptive activities such as stone throwing and violence.Addressing an anti-drug awareness program organized by an NGO ‘Save Kashmir’ at the Exhibition Ground here, D. Andrabi said, “Drug trade was the primary source of funding for violence in Kashmir for three decades. Those in power during this period supported this notorious industry, utilizing these traders for their political benefits. This nexus has severely compromised the future of our youth.”

The program witnessed the participation of school children and youth from various backgrounds.The Waqf chairperson expressed her concerns about the catastrophic situation, saying she had consistently raised her voice against drugs for over a decade.

However, she lamented the lack of intervention by individuals with political interests who chose to remain silent.”Many of our so-called civil society representatives were preoccupied with echoing sentiments aligned with separatists while the conspiracy to destroy our generations was being implemented on the ground with the involvement of politicians. Now, it has become a deadly evil of significant magnitude,” she remarked.

Highlighting the government’s recent efforts in apprehending thousands involved in the drug trade and subjecting them to legal consequences, Dr Darakhshan said that collective action at the individual level is needed to eradicate this deeply rooted network from society.

She urged religious leaders, intellectuals, and the media fraternity to play more substantial roles in addressing the issue. Dr Andrabi appealed to the public to organize small-scale programs at the community level to mobilize youth against the menace of drug abuse.The event’s organizer, Arish Bhat, welcomed Dr Darakhshan Andrabi and acknowledged her continuous efforts in creating awareness regarding the drug menace.



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