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Extended Fog, Dry Spell Expected in Kashmir: MeT


SRINAGAR: With no major wet spell expected in Kashmir, the local weather authorities anticipate ongoing foggy conditions, noting sub-zero temperatures in the higher reaches of the region.

Director of the Meteorological Department, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad, said that significant changes in the weather are not foreseen in Jammu & Kashmir.

However, he highlighted the continuation of shallow fog during morning and evening hours across Kashmir. “The forecast indicates dry weather persisting until November 26, with no major wet spell anticipated during this period,” he stated.

Despite the dry spell, cloudy weather is expected for a few days within the same timeframe, according to the MeT Director. He also mentioned that temperatures in the plains are projected to settle around one degree Celsius in the coming days, while sub-zero temperatures have been recorded in various higher-altitude locations.

In terms of rainfall, J&K has experienced substantial excess precipitation from October 1 to November 15, recording 115.0 mm compared to the normal precipitation of 49.5 mm. Samba witnessed the highest precipitation during this period, registering 119.0 mm against a normal precipitation of 14.5 mm.

Srinagar, the summer capital, recorded excess rainfall with 70.0 mm against the normal 45.0 mm. Among the 11 stations analyzed, Shopian in Kashmir was the only station reporting deficient precipitation, recording a 39 percent shortfall during the period—(KNO)



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