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Freestyle footballers display incredible juggling skills in Srinagar”


Srinagar, Dec 18: Renowned freestyle footballers, Aguska and Patrick Bauer, wowed spectators by their extraordinary juggling skills against the backdrop of Dal Lake in Srinagar.

Aguska, a celebrated female freestyle footballer, mesmerized onlookers as she skillfully juggled a football while seated on a Shikara, gracefully gliding across the serene waters of Dal Lake.

As per the news agency her remarkable display of talent captured the attention of passersby and tourists, leaving an indelible impression with her seamless maneuvering of the ball.

Patrick Bauer, another prominent figure in the world of freestyle football, exhibited his awe-inspiring juggling skills at Nishat Bagh.

With finesse and precision, Bauer’s performance enthralled spectators, showcasing his mastery of the football as he enthused the crowd with his remarkable talent.

The captivating video clips of both Aguska and Bauer effortlessly maneuvering the ball amidst the stunning landscapes of Dal Lake quickly gained traction on social media platforms, swiftly becoming viral sensations.

The netizens were quick to applaud the extraordinary display of skill, hailing the athletes for their remarkable performances.

The viral videos garnered admiration and praise from across the globe, highlighting the universal language of talent and skill exhibited by these gifted freestyle footballers—(Agencies)



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