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Gloom descends on Wailoo village as terrorists kill cop in North Kashmir”

Dar is survived by seven daughters, his wife


In a grim turn of events, the quiet village of Wailoo in Tangmarg, Baramulla, North Kashmir, was plunged into darkness when a police constable lost his life to unknown terrorists on a fateful Tuesday evening. The heart-rending incident unfolded before the eyes of the local community, leaving them in a state of shock and grief.Wednesday witnessed heart-wrenching scenes as hundreds of local residents gathered at the constable’s residence to offer solace and support to his bereaved family.

According to eyewitnesses, the constable, Ghulam Mohammed Dar, was attacked by a group of terrorists who fired five to six fatal shots at him. The repercussions of this heinous act have left the constable’s family devastated, particularly his seven daughters, who are struggling to come to terms with the loss of their father.

The eldest daughter, Ulfat Jan, recounted the horrifying evening when the tragedy unfolded. “Around 7 PM, we heard gunshots and rushed outside the house, only to find our father’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood at the entrance gate,” she recalled. Despite being rushed to SDH Tangmarg for emergency medical treatment, Ghulam Mohammed Dar succumbed to his injuries, leaving behind a grieving family. The constable was not just the sole breadwinner for his family but also a respected figure in the community. With no sons or brothers, his absence leaves an irreplaceable void.

Bashir Ahmad, a neighbor of the slain constable, expressed the profound sense of shock and sorrow that has enveloped the entire village. He condemned the killing as a “cold-blooded murder” and stressed that Ghulam Mohammed Dar was a ray of hope for his family. “He was innocent and carried out his professional duties diligently,” Bashir emphasized.Dar’s humility and commitment were widely acknowledged in the community, leading to questions about why he became a target. Bashir Ahmad and the community at large are calling for a thorough investigation by the police and local authorities to bring the perpetrators of this gruesome act to justice.Mushtaq Ahmad, another local resident, expressed his pain and disbelief at the senseless killing. He raised questions about the motives behind the attack, stating, “He had not harmed anyone throughout his life. We have never seen him carrying a gun or a pistol.” The loss of Ghulam Mohammed Dar has left the community in anguish, with no apparent reason for his tragic demise.

The police have confirmed that an unarmed police head constable, Ghulam Mohammed Dar, was fatally shot by terrorists near his residence. Despite immediate medical attention, the constable succumbed to his injuries, as declared by the attending doctors.

This unfortunate incident adds to the recent wave of violence in Kashmir, with three terror-related incidents reported in the region over the past five days. Just earlier this week, terrorists targeted and killed a non-local laborer in the Tumchi Nowpora area of Pulwama. Identified as Mukesh Kumar, son of Ganga Prasad from Bhatpora, Samadha, Uttar Pradesh, the innocent laborer fell victim to the escalating violence. Additionally, a police inspector was injured while playing cricket, underscoring the precarious security situation in the region.



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