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Goni Khan market to get separate footbridge connectivit


Srinagar, Nov 12: In a bid to make the Goni-Khan market in city centre more accessible to shoppers, the Srinagar Smart City Limited (SSCL) is set to connect the famous market with a footbridge.Officials of SSCL said that in a bid to facelift the markets in Srinagar city, work on many projects is going on to beautify markets and make them more shopper-friendly.

They said this footbridge project will connect the Lal-Chowk-riverfront with the opposite side at Goni Khan market.

“Footbridges like Zero Bridge and others across Srinagar have always been at the centre of markets. Many footbridges have become recreational points and attracted visitors. Our aim is to give a separate connectivity to the busy Goni Khan and adjacent markets,” said an official.

The officials said that the market has a huge flow of shoppers who reach the market via the Amira Kadal bridge overcrowding the junction.

“This will give separate connectivity to the market for pedestrians only, which will remove the pedestrian load from Amira Kadal bridge and keep it from getting overcrowded. This will also help in streamlining the traffic,” said the official.

Officials said that the work has been awarded, and it has kicked off. They said the bridge will be built parallel to the Amira Kadal Bridge, where the old Amira Kadal bridge was located.

CEO SSCL, Athar Aamir Khan, said that the work on the bridge was awarded and will be completed within a timeframe

“The bridge will be built for pedestrians only and will have shopping kiosks for the shoppers. It will enhance aesthetic and practical value of the market. The work has already been started and will be completed within the proper time frame. This is one of many projects that have been taken up to facelift the markets across Srinagar city,” Khan said.

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