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Headline: Pakistani Woman’s Daring Journey to India Lands Her an Audition as a RAW Agent in Indian Movie


Date: 03-august-2023

In a daring and unexpected turn of events, Pakistani woman Seema Haider has become the talk of the town after making her way into India illegally via Dubai and Nepal. Her audacity and determination to reach the country grabbed headlines, but what’s even more astonishing is her upcoming audition for a prominent role in an Indian movie.

Seema Haider’s journey took a surprising twist as she embarked on her mission to attend the audition for “A Tailor Murder Story,” a riveting film based on the assassination of Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal by extreme Islamists. The movie is being produced by the esteemed Jani Firefox Production House, which also organized Seema’s audition in Greater Noida, according to Times of India.

Amidst the backdrop of strained relations between India and Pakistan, Seema’s pursuit of an acting opportunity in India as a Pakistani citizen has piqued curiosity and stirred discussions across the nation. The auditions are expected to be a momentous occasion, with producers and fans alike eager to witness her performance.



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