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Mewar University Bestows Honorary Doctorate Degree on Shaykh Hami”

Mewar University confers honorary Doctorate Degree on Shaykh Hami"


Rajasthan: The University of Mewar, Rajasthan has conferred honorary doctorate degree (Ph.D)on the chief patron of Karwani Islami International Allama Moulana Dr Shaykh Gulam Rasool Hami in recognition of Hami’s immense contribution towards social progress.

As per a press release, the Doctorate was awarded to Shaykh Hami jointly by Dr.Ashok Kumar Gadiya ,Chancellor of Mewar University , and Prof. Dr. Alok Misra, the Vice Chancellor of Mewar university in a special ceremony organized under the title, ” Allama Shaykh Ghulam Rasool Hami, a Living Legend from Kashmir”.

The ceremony was attended by a number of Scholars and dignitaries from different walks of life besides a special group of university students hailing from various countries.

At the ceremony, Shaykh Hami delivered a comprehensive speech expressing the significance of education in enlightening the society through ages.

While expressing his gratitude to the university for the honour, Hami said that an all round and holistic educational revolution has been witnessed in the society for the last couple of decades for which he applauded the public as well as private sector.

He held that from prophets to saints and Bhaktis to Sufis, all have emphasised knowledge and education for the true realisation of one’s true potential as well as for sustained development of societies.

He then went on to highlight the contribution of Socio-religious movements across the world in bringing about systematic changes necessary for building a viable, peaceful , rational and robust social sphere.

In this regard, he mentioned the meritorious role of his own socio-religious organization ‘Karwani Islami International’ for its decades of dedicated social service cutting across religious , sectarian and ethnic lines.

” Knowledge and education paves the way for mutual understanding, exchange of views, fruitful deliberation, co-joint efforts for finding solutions to challenging issues, and, hence , peaceful and meaningful coexistence ” , said Hami .

Meanwhile, the Executive Council of Karwani Islami International has felicitated Shaykh Hami on his stupendous achievement .

In a separate statement from the office of General Secretary Karwani Islami, the council extended special congratulations to Shaykh Hami ,and said that this award is the achievement and merit of the whole community of kashmir, especially the luminaries of Kashmir. Honorary Doctorate Degree on Shaykh Hami



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