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Huge increase in foreign tourist arrivals in J&K: Tourism Secretary


It’s great to hear about the positive developments in tourism in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). According to the Tourism Secretary, there’s been significant growth in tourism across various fronts in the region. He mentioned that there’s a substantial increase in foreign tourist arrivals, which seems to be attributed to the G-20 Tourism Working Group meeting held in Srinagar. This meeting appears to have had a positive impact on attracting foreign tourists.

The government’s focus on promoting offbeat destinations, cultural sites, spiritual places, and religious tourism is noteworthy. By promoting 75 destinations in each category, the government aims to diversify tourism offerings and cater to different interests of tourists.

The mention of the Tourism department’s trips to various cities like Ahmedabad, Cochin, and Chennai for promotional campaigns indicates proactive efforts to attract more visitors. Participating in International Trade marts is also a smart strategy to reach a broader international audience and showcase the tourism potential of J&K.

Additionally, the impending launch of a pro-Artisan policy is a positive step, as it suggests that the government is working on supporting local artisans and their communities, which could contribute to the overall cultural and economic growth of the region.

Overall, it seems that J&K’s tourism sector is on an upward trajectory, with a focus on diversification, promotion, and infrastructure development to accommodate the increasing tourist influx



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