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In just over a decade, Japan’s Muslim population has doubled, surging by 110% from 110,000 in 2010 to approximately 230,000 by the end of 2022. emergence of second and third-generation Japanese Muslims in the years to come.


Islam is evidently the fastest-growing religion in Japan. Interestingly, its neighbouring countries, South Korea and Taiwan also experience a rapid growth of their Muslim community in recent years.Furthermore, China’s Muslim population is expanding, despite the tireless efforts of the Chinese Communist Party (CPP), to eradicate Islam and Muslims, with a projected growth rate of 28.5% from 2010 to 2030, as the Pew Research Center find.

This exponential expansion mirrors the global pace at which Islam is proliferating. Islam stands as the swiftest-growing faith on the planet, boasting a 1.84% growth rate and anticipating a population of 2.9 billion by the year 2050.

Conversely, among the world’s largest religions, including Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, the growth rates stand at 1.38% and 1.52%.Professor of Sociology, Emeritus Hirofumi Tanada from Waseda University, Tokyo, stated that out of the 230,000 Muslims living in Japan as of 2022, 46,000 are ethnic Japanese converts. 183,000 are non-Japanese Muslims who mostly came to the country as workers or students.

His research concluded that conversion is prominent among ethnic Japanese women after they marry Muslim men.In addition, many Academics and University professors are increasingly embracing Islam, as noted by an article in the Harvard Asia Quarterly, 2007.

The demographic profile of Japan’s Muslim community indicates a younger age distribution compared to other segments of the population, foreshadowing the



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