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Israel Carrying Out Strikes In Lebanon After Anti-Tank Missile Fire: IDF


Tel Aviv [Israel], Oct 11: The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) on Wednesday said it was carrying out strikes in Lebanon in retaliation to the attack on its border with anti-tank guided missiles, The Times of Israel reported.The IDF said it would soon come out with more information on the attack. Earlier, the IDF said an anti-tank missile was launched from Lebanon towards a military post near the community of Arab Al-Aramshe.Taking to X, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) stated, “An anti-tank missile was launched from Lebanon toward a military post adjacent to the community of Arab Al-Aramshe on the #BlueLine.”

Anti-tank missiles were fired in northern Israel, near the Lebanon border, Israel-based i24NEWS English reported.A suspected infiltration attempt occurred near the border town of Rosh HaNikra, according to the news report.Meanwhile, the IDF said it targeted the Islamic University of Gaza, which serves as an “important centre of political and military power for Hamas in the Gaza Strip”.In a post shared on X, the IDF stated, “Fighter jets recently attacked the Islamic University, which serves as an important centre of political and military power for the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip and a training institution for the development and production of weapons. The IDF continues with extensive waves of attacks in the Gaza Strip at this time as well.”Earlier in the day, the spokesperson for Israel Defence Forces (IDF), Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, said 1,200 citizens were killed and more than 2,700 injured in the Hamas strikes, adding that the Israeli forces were ready to execute the mission in Gaza.

“Four days after Hamas breached into Israel, attacked Israeli communities, murdered and massacred Israeli citizens and took dozens of Israeli hostages into Gaza. The dead toll is staggering, a 1200 dead Israelis. The overwhelming majority of them civilians and more than 2700 wounded and sadly something tells me that these are not final numbers,” he said.

The IDF spokesperson informed that about 300,000 soldiers have been deployed on the Gaza border, adding that they would ensure that Hamas is completely shorn of its military capabilities at the end of the ongoing war.In a live video posted on X, Conricus added, “We have sent our inventory, armoured soldiers, our artillery cores and many other soldiers from the reserves. 300000 in numbers in different brigades and divisions and they are now close to the Gaza strip getting ready to execute the mission that (the) Israeli government and that is to make sure that Hamas at the end of the war won’t have any military capabilities by which they can threaten or kill Israeli citizens.”

Continuing its air assault on Hamas, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) on Wednesday said it struck over 200 targets of the terrorist group in the Al Furkan neighbourhood, The Times of Israel reported.According to the news report, the security forces also bombed the house of the father of Mohammed Deif, the head of Hamas’s military wing believed to be the key plotter of the terror attacks. (Agencies)



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