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It’s good to hear that the J&K Waqf Board is planning to start the recruitment of degree holders for Imam, Mubaligh, and Muazin positions.


It also said the Waqf will invite applications and interviews in this regard will be conducted soon.

Chairperson of J&K Waqf Board, Dr Darkshan Andrabi told KNS that J&K Waqf Board is going to start recruitment of degree holder Imam’s, Mubaligh’s, Muazin’s for valley’s Mosques and Shrines.

“J&K Waqf Board is a religious institution which deals with mosques and shrines. We need Imam’s, Preachers and Muazin’s there to carry out religious duties. At several Mosques and Shrines we have no arrangement of people who lead congregational religious duties there. So in this regard J&K Waqf has decided to carry out a recruitment drive soon to fill the vacancies so that the shortcomings would be resolved,” Dr Darkshan Andrabi said.

Andrabi said that “we have a lot of people in our valley who posses degrees in Islamic Studies and Waqf needs them passionately to serve for a big cause.” “J&K Waqf Board has decided to recruit people who holds degree in Islamic Studies and can lead Islamic prayers and congregations well. We want to revive this culture in Kashmir onwards. We will invite applications and interviews in this regard will be conducted soon,” she said.

She said Waqf will also replace elders from young ones. “It is a prime demand from public. We will look into the matter and situation will be addressed on priority basis. We respect our Imam’s and Preaches but there should an age limit to serve the community. Those who will lead prayers and congregations should be under age and degree holders,” she added.

The J&K Waqf Board is planning to recruit degree holders for the positions of Imams, Preachers, and Muazins for mosques and shrines in the valley. The aim is to address the shortage of personnel to carry out religious duties in various places of worship. This recruitment drive intends to fill these vacancies and revive the practice of leading congregational religious duties. The Waqf Board will invite applications and conduct interviews for interested candidates who hold degrees in Islamic Studies and are capable of leading prayers and congregations effectively. The initiative also includes replacing older individuals with younger ones in these roles, addressing a demand from the public and ensuring that those leading prayers are within a certain age range and hold the required qualifications.



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