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Jammu and Kashmir Administration Resolute in Upholding National Integrity: Lieutenant Governor


Jammu, Kashmir — In a stern declaration, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to safeguarding national integrity and sovereignty, emphasizing that the Indian Constitution empowers the Union Territory (UT) administration to take decisive actions against those who threaten these vital principles.

Addressing the press during the launch of the “Green Jammu and Kashmir Driver 2023-34” initiative at IIM Jammu, the Lieutenant Governor stated that regardless of public discourse, the Constitution provides a provision, conceived by visionaries like B.R. Ambedkar, to take resolute measures against those who undermine the state’s integrity and sovereignty.

He made it clear that the UT administration has decided to adopt a tough stance against individuals who have lent support to terrorism and its associated networks, as well as those who have procured government jobs through unlawful methods. The Lieutenant Governor emphasized that these measures were essential in order to preserve the fabric of the nation and the region.

The announcement comes on the heels of the recent dismissal of J&K Bank’s Chief Manager, Sajad Bazaz, in light of credible reports from security agencies. The Lieutenant Governor underscored that anyone found to have supported terrorism and its ecosystem would face the consequences of their actions.

While these statements have drawn attention and sparked debate, the administration remains resolute in its determination to uphold the sanctity of the nation and the UT. The Lieutenant Governor’s strong stance reflects the ongoing commitment to maintaining peace, security, and justice in the region.

As developments unfold, stay connected for further updates on this evolving situation.



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