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Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief Dilbagh Singh Assures Smooth Independence Day Celebrations


In a bid to ensure a seamless and secure Independence Day celebration, Jammu and Kashmir’s Police Chief, Dilbagh Singh, has emphasized the comprehensive arrangements being put in place. Singh mentioned that a series of meetings have taken place at different levels to coordinate and strategize for the event.

With the significance of Independence Day on the horizon, Dilbagh Singh expressed his commitment to upholding safety and order during the celebrations. He highlighted the meticulous planning that has gone into preparing for the event, underscoring the importance of a collaborative approach among various departments and agencies.

The Jammu and Kashmir police force, under the guidance of Singh, has been working closely with local authorities and other stakeholders to address any potential challenges and ensure a smooth conduct of the festivities. Singh’s proactive approach, evident through the ongoing meetings, reflects his dedication to making the Independence Day celebration a memorable and secure occasion for all residents and visitors.

As the event draws nearer, the coordination between law enforcement agencies and other relevant bodies remains pivotal to maintaining law and order. The Jammu and Kashmir police chief’s assurance of comprehensive arrangements indicates the region’s commitment to fostering an environment of unity and harmony during this important national celebration.



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