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J&K to get its first-ever Finger Print Bureau to combat militancy, crimes”


Jammu, Jan 1: The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will get its first-ever Finger Print Bureau, to aid the law enforcement agencies in cross-referencing crime scene fingerprints with existing records, thereby facilitating criminal record checks.

In a bid to combat terrorism and other crimes in the Union Territory, the J&K government gave the nod for establishing the Finger Print Bureau on Monday, 1 January 2024.

The move will help ease the process of identifying suspects, and subsequently linking various terror-related incidents.

The Administrative Council led by J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, and the Home Department also sanctioned 73 posts for the upcoming bureau in the region.

An official told Republic that the Finger Print Bureau will be headed by a Senior Superintendent of Police rank official, and will be assisted by one Superintendent of Police and two Deputy Superintendents of Police.

Additionally, five ministerial posts of police officials have also been approved by the J&K Home Department for the bureau. A total of 22 Sub-Inspectors and 28 selection-grade constables will also be part of the new wing.

The official further mentioned that the bureau will help the law-enforcement in conducting criminal record checks by analyzing fingerprints from terrorism-related crime scenes alongside existing records. The process aids in pinpointing suspects, and establishing links between diverse criminal activities.

The bureau will maintain a comprehensive and secure database of fingerprint records of suspects including: organizing, indexing, and updating the database regularly to ensure quick and accurate retrieval of information when needed.–(Agencies)



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