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J&K’s largest LED screen has come near Ghanta Ghar in the Lal Chowk area of Srinagar.


J&K’s largest LED screen has come near Ghanta Ghar in the Lal Chowk area of Srinagar. As part of the Srinagar Smart City project, the screen is expected to be activated over the next two days and will be dedicated to the people of the region.
Srinagar’s Municipal Commissioner Athar Aamir Khan spoke in detail about the project with Kashmir Essence and others.
Khan said, “This screen is a public private partnership (PPP) project between the district administration and Orango Solutions, Amritsar. This one is one of the largest screens in J&K; it’s display area is 30 feet (length) by 13 feet (width). The LED quality, I would say, is one of the finest, you can see it from the 3D impressions and images that are being shown to you at this moment.”
“This is part of the whole Lal Chowk-Srinagar Square (redevelopment) scheme and we wanted to make this place vibrant, and this one of the ways (establishing a large LED screen) we thought of doing it,” he added.
When Khan was asked about other projects that had been completed, or are in the pipeline to beautify the Lal Chowk area, the Srinagar Muncipal Commissioner said, “We can start from here only; there is an amphitheatre, this has been designed in a circular format with a green space in the middle.”
Asked why the movement of traffic is being stopped from one direction, Khan informed that what is known as Srinagar’s Residency Road will now be one continuous stretch and the idea behind this change in traffic management is to make the area around Lal Chowk a pedestrian friendly zone.
“The pedestrian flow is quite a lot in this area, that is why we have introduced paths made of cobblestone. The idea behind using cobblestones is to ensure that traffic movement remains calm and the speed of vehicles is reduced, and we believe that these stones have greater durability. And, it also helps people to cross over from one part of the square to the other with ease. Our long term aim is to streamline the traffic and make this area a pedestrian friendly zone.
Khan was informed that the tourist response towards the redevelopment of Srinagar Square has been very positive and most of those talked to have said that they are very happy with the changes taking place in the city.
Khan, who has been hailed as the brains behind the Lal Chowk-Srinagar Square redevelopment plan in particular and the conversion of J&K’s summer capital into a Smart City overall, said that the Lal Chowk area of the Srinagar Square would be ready within a day or two.
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