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“Kashmir Willow: Ready to Make Its Mark in the ODI World Cup 2023.


SRINAGAR: The Kashmiri willow cricket bat is set to feature in the third World Cup, and manufacturers are optimistic about its increased usage in international cricket.

According to the news agency KNO, after making appearances in two T20 World Cups, Kashmiri cricket bats are making their ODI World Cup debut, currently taking place in India.

Eighteen cricketers from three international teams, including Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, will be using Kashmiri willow cricket bats in upcoming matches. Manufacturers believe that the ongoing World Cup will elevate the industry’s profile and encourage more cricketers to prefer Kashmiri willow over English willow.

“This is just the beginning. In the coming years, more cricketers will prefer playing with Kashmiri willow cricket bats. We are making them on par with English willow. In the last World Cup, a Kashmiri willow cricket bat hit the longest six of the T20 World Cup,” said Fawzul Kabir, spokesperson of the Kashmir Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association.

Kabir noted that Kashmiri cricket bats have seen significant progress in the last three years, especially after the Omani cricket team chose to use them.

“Kashmiri willow was previously limited to the domestic market. Now, in this World Cup, players from three international teams will use our cricket bats. We aim to demonstrate that our cricket bats are equal to English willow,” he stated.Shabir Ahmad, another cricket bat manufacturer, expressed excitement about the upcoming World Cup. “We are thrilled to see more teams expressing interest in using Kashmiri willow bats. It’s a testament to the quality and performance of our bats. We believe that this World Cup will mark our third consecutive success on the global stage.”

Notably, ahead of the World Cup, demand for Kashmiri willow cricket bats has surged tenfold.Manufacturers report that the demand for Kashmiri willow cricket bats is coming from across India.Presently, Kashmir boasts 400 factories producing cricket bats, employing 1.5 lakh people directly and indirectly.The Jammu and Kashmir government is also actively working to obtain a geographical indication (GI) for Kashmiri willow bats. (KNO)



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