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Kashmir’s Iconic Weatherman Sonam Lotus Transferred


SRINAGAR: In a bittersweet development that is expected to send ripples of sorrow through the picturesque Kashmir, the administration has executed the transfer of Sonam Lotus, the popular weatherman to Leh, his town, reports appearing in media said.

For nearly a decade, Lotus wielded his meteorological prowess over the Valley. With uncanny precision, he conjured predictions that seemed to command rain or sunshine at will, transforming himself into sort of a mortal “weather god”.

Over time, his name became an indelible part of everyday conversation, even humour, whenever the topic of weather arose. Lotus evolved into someone whose daily weather bulletins were religiously followed and whose predictions were held in high regard, akin to a hallmark of authenticity. If a forecast was “Lotus certified,” it was almost assured to come to fruition.

Lotus assumed his position at a time when technology was advancing, but antiquated weather reports from the official broadcasters – Radio Kashmir Srinagar and Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar, still prevailed. He ushered in a meteorological renaissance, introducing state-of-the-art tools and techniques to furnish precise and timely weather intelligence to the people of Kashmir. His popularity is owed to hyperactive media and social media. He was so popular in Kashmir that the last time he was admitted to a hospital, it became news.

His relocation signifies the conclusion of an era where the name ‘Sonam Lotus’ was synonymous with dependable weather forecasts, leaving Kashmiris nostalgic for the times when his predictions were as sure as the sun rising.

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