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Local Outcry in Chadoora as Residents Protest Hazardous Brick Kiln Construction in Bagh-e-Rangeen Kultrah.


18-august-2023 – In a fervent display of concern for their safety and well-being, residents of Chadoora have taken to the streets to protest against the ongoing construction of a brick kiln in the picturesque Bagh-e-Rangeen Kultrah area. The protesters are urging the local administration to take swift and decisive action to address the potential hazards posed by the project.

The peaceful protest, organized by local residents, saw a significant turnout of community members voicing their grievances against the construction of the brick kiln. Demonstrators brandished placards and chanted slogans, highlighting their fears of the adverse effects the kiln’s operation might have on their lives and the environment.

The protesters expressed concerns about the potential air and noise pollution that could arise from the operation of the brick kiln, posing risks to the health and well-being of the residents, particularly the elderly and children. They stressed the need for the authorities to prioritize the safety and comfort of the community over commercial interests.

One of the protesters stated, “We cannot ignore the potential dangers that this brick kiln might bring to our peaceful neighborhood.

Our homes, our health, and our environment are at stake. We implore the administration to step in and take immediate action to prevent any irreversible damage.”

Local authorities have been apprised of the situation, and the protestors are urging the administration to conduct a thorough assessment of the environmental impact of the brick kiln. They demand a comprehensive evaluation of potential air and noise pollution levels, as well as the implementation of stringent safety measures to mitigate any adverse effects.

The protesters have appealed for an open dialogue between the administration, the brick kiln owners, and the concerned community members to reach a mutually beneficial solution that ensures the well-being of all parties involved.

As the demonstration continues, the community’s unity and determination are palpable, sending a clear message that Chadoora residents are steadfast in their resolve to protect their lives and environment from potential hazards.

Local authorities are yet to respond to the protesters’ demands. The situation remains tense but peaceful as residents await a response from the administration regarding their concerns.



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