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“Grateful for the Blessings: Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi Visits Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad Veeri, Celebrating the Value of Our Eminent Religious Scholars #InterfaithHarmony 🙏”


In a heartwarming display of respect and interfaith harmony, Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi paid a visit to the residence of the esteemed Islamic scholar and renowned preacher, Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad Veeri. During this visit, Dr. Andrabi conveyed her personal congratulations and best wishes to Maulana Veeri.

This meeting underscored the significant role that religious scholars play in our society, serving as beacons of wisdom, guidance, and spiritual insight. Dr. Andrabi expressed her deep appreciation for their contributions to the community and society at large.

Furthermore, the hashtag #InterfaithHarmony emphasizes the importance of fostering unity and understanding among diverse religious communities, promoting peaceful coexistence and cooperation among people of different faiths.

Dr. Andrabi was genuinely moved by Maulana Veeri’s affection and the prayers he offered for her, a testament to the power of dialogue and respect in building bridges between different religious perspectives. This visit serves as a poignant example of the potential for harmony and collaboration among individuals from various faith backgrounds.



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