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Miss Sakina Itoo Catalyzes Momentum for J&K National Conference with Resounding Public Support”


Kulgam, Dec 16: Jammu & Kashmir’s National Conference (NC) witnessed an impactful surge in support during a vibrant public gathering orchestrated by Miss Sakina Itoo, the esteemed former cabinet minister and current State Secretary for NC Noorabad.

Held at C R Pora Noorabad, the event drew notable attendance, notably from women workers and the wider public, spotlighting the profound impact of Miss Sakina Itoo’s exceptional leadership in fostering robust community engagement and active civic participation.

Miss Sakina Itoo’s unwavering dedication to representing the people of Noorabad was vividly evident in the gathering, emphasizing her commitment to the ideals of the National Conference.

Noteworthy was the significant moment during the event when several individuals aligned with the Apni Party made the strategic decision to join the ranks of the National Conference.

This action speaks volumes about the magnetic influence of Miss Sakina Itoo and underscores the collaborative spirit prevailing within the dynamic political landscape.

The convergence of various supporters and the enthusiastic participation at the event served as a testament to Miss Sakina Itoo’s leadership qualities and her ability to galvanize support across diverse segments of society.

Her role as a catalyst for political realignment and inclusivity within the Jammu & Kashmir political spectrum has been truly remarkable.

The transformative impact of Miss Sakina Itoo’s leadership continues to resonate, shaping the future trajectory of the National Conference and redefining the contours of political engagement in the region.



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