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“NC Expresses Concern Over Inordinate Delay in Holding Assembly Polls, Fears Democracy in J&K Is at Risk”


Srinagar, Sep 25: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar on Monday said the absence of an elected government for five years has resulted in spiralling public woes and unaccountability in administration.

He said this while addressing a meeting of party leaders and officials at the party headquarters today. The meeting witnessed threadbare discussions on the prevailing political situation in Jammu and Kashmir, people’s problems and difficulties, and organizational issues, the NC said in a statement, adding that the ongoing party programs and activities were also reviewed in the meeting.

Sagar said, “In the absence of democracy, it is impossible to solve the problems of the people. The bureaucratic system cannot be a substitute for a popularly elected government in any case,” adding, “Only a popular government that comes into existence after a fair and transparent election can bring relief to the people in the real sense.”

He lamented that “Jammu and Kashmir has been left at the mercy of a handful of selected people for the past 5 years and the people here are being continuously deprived of democracy”.

“The elections are the root of democracy and the secret of development and prosperity of the country and nation lies in democracy, but unfortunately the BJP government at the Centre is shying away from holding elections in Jammu and Kashmir. If the elections are being held on time in the rest of the states of the country, then why is this discrimination against Jammu and Kashmir?” he said.

Sagar added, “The undemocratic system has pushed the people of Jammu and Kashmir into a whirlwind of despair, while the youth are frustrated and hopeless; unemployment and development deficit have crippled our people. Common people aren’t listened to, and all the decisions and actions are devoid of public scrutiny.”

He said that a lot of sacrifices have been made for the establishment of democratic, administrative, constitutional and legal institutions in Jammu and Kashmir, “but the present Central government is busy destroying all of them”.

“Thanks to the great sacrifices, historical and revolutionary initiatives of J&K National Conference, the establishment of democracy and democratic institutions in Jammu and Kashmir was acquainted with Panchayat Raj, Kisan Raj, Mazdoor Raj,” he added.



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