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No Day For Celebration, Says Tarigami on 31 October


Srinagar October 31: CPI(M) leader Mohamad Yousuf Tarigami on Tuesday said that on this fateful day, the historic state of J&K was declared as UT and flag removed from the Civil Secretariat. Can this be a celebration or an insult to the people of erstwhile state of J&K. Instead of introspection, the BJP government facelessly has declared the day as UT Divas.

Where is the development, jobs and livelihood to the common people?How this can be a celebration when the state of J&K was dismantled and downgraded into two union territories. In parliament, the BJP government assured the people that statehood would be restored soon.After independence, no state was downgraded to a union territory. While as union territories are demanding statehood.

The Leh Apex Body and Kargil Democratic Alliance from Ladakh are demanding full-fledged statehood.However, celebrating the day by BJP as Divas and beating the drums is an insult to the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.On this day, we register our strong protest against the unconstitutional moves of 5 August 2019 which resulted in down-grading and dismantling the historic State and thereby disempowering the people of all the regions.



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