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Poonch attack aftermath: Army gets armour-piercing proof armoured vehicles in Rajouri – Poonch


Jammu, Dec 30: The Indian Army troops stationed in the challenging terrains of Rajouri and Poonch have recently received a strategic reinforcement in the form of ‘Armado,’ a specially designed, ‘armour-piercing’ proof armoured vehicle.

This addition comes in response to twin attacks on army convoys earlier in the year, resulting in the tragic loss of nine soldiers from the Rashtriya Rifles Unit. The initial batch of Armado vehicles has been delivered to a Brigade rank officer engaged in counter-terrorism operations across the twin districts.

The Armado armoured vehicle offers versatility in its application, proving effective in counter-terrorism missions, as well as being suitable for deployment by special forces and quick reaction teams in conventional operations, weapon transportation, and border patrolling. It meets protection standards up to B7 and STANAG level-2, providing comprehensive defense against armour-piercing rifles from all sides-front, side, and rear. This robust safeguard extends to ballistic threats and explosive hazards alike.

Poonch district has been a hotspot for attacks on Indian Army convoys this year, with two significant incidents resulting in the loss of soldiers from the Rashtriya Rifles Unit. In both cases, terrorists employed a similar modus operandi, conducting detailed reconnaissance to ambush the army convoys.

Sources reveal that the Ministry of Home Affairs has taken a serious view of the conduct of the Jammu and Kashmir Police in the December 21 attack and the incident on December 22, where three civilians were killed after being picked up by the Indian Army for questioning.

Following the Dera Ki Gali incident, directives have been issued to ground-level officials to maintain close coordination with the Indian Army to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

The outgoing year has posed significant challenges for the Indian Army, witnessing 19 casualties, including two Captain rank officers. The elite PARA Special Forces suffered nine losses, while the Rashtriya Rifles Units experienced 10 casualties in four attacks within an eight-month span.

The series of attacks began with the killing of five army jawans in the Bhatta Durriyan area of Poonch on April 20, followed by the deaths of five soldiers from the Special Forces in the Kandi area of Rajouri on May 05. On November 21, the army lost four Special Forces personnel and one from the Rashtriya Rifles in a confrontation.–(Agencies)



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