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“PSAJK Raises Alarm Over NTA Centre Relocation in Kashmir”


SRINAGAR: The Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) raised apprehensions regarding the reported relocation of all National Testing Agency (NTA) examination centers from Kashmir, suspecting a hidden agenda aimed at generating a crisis during the 2024 exams.

In a statement issued by PSAJK, the association expressed dismay at the mysterious move by NTA to transfer all examination centers out of Kashmir, viewing it as a worrisome development for the prospects of Kashmiri students.

The spokesperson of PSAJK while recalling the significant crisis faced when  Kashmiri students were assigned examination centers outside of Jammu and Kashmir for their CUET exams.  “This forced many underprivileged students to abstain from participating in these exams, leading to a severe predicament. After appeals from members of civil society, political leaders, and other representatives the government established examination centers within Kashmir, tus avoiding a full blown crisis.”

The Association said that it was expected government would establish permanent centres in Kashmir after the CUET incident, however, on the contrary, even temporary centres are being taken away creating uneasiness among students and their parents.

The spokesperson said that if there are no permanent exam centres in Kashmir by next year, NTA may claim once again that they have no centers in Kashmir. “If any crisis is created next year, these officials will be fully responsible,” he said.

PSAJK called upon Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to take cognizance of the situation and prevent the relocation of NTA centers from Kashmir. “The LG is urged to issue directives for the establishment of permanent examination centers in Kashmir to spare students from further distress.”

A permanent solution to this issue is urgently needed, as nobody wishes to contend for their rights on an annual basis. The students of Kashmir have every right to participate in exams within their own region, emphasized a PSAJK representative.



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