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Sara Abdullah, Sachin Pilot Have Separated, Affidavit Reveals


SRINAGAR: In a surprising turn of events, Congress leader Sachin Pilot revealed that he is separated from Sara Abdullah, his wife and mother of his two sons. The revelation came to light when Pilot filed his election affidavit for the upcoming Rajasthan polls, marking the first time he publicly acknowledged their divorce.

Sara is the Yonger daughter of Dr Farooq Abdulllah and Sachin is the son of the late Rajesh Pilot Abdullah and Rajesh were close friends.

Sachin Pilot, aged 46, and Sara Abdullah had been an inseparable power couple in Indian politics, exemplifying a union that transcended political boundaries. Their love story had started in 2004, and over the years, they had built a family together, blessed with two sons, Aaran and Vehaan. Their marriage had been a symbol of unity and harmony between two influential political families.

However, as the details of Pilot’s election affidavit were widely reported, it became clear that their personal lives had taken a different course. In the column seeking details of his spouse, Pilot had written “divorced,” signalling the end of their long-standing partnership. He mentioned in his affidavit that both his sons, Aaran and Vehaan, remained his dependents.

Pilot Jr is contesting from the Tonk constituency in Rajasthan. The Congress leader was earlier Deputy Chief Minister of the state.

There were reports in the media a few years back that the power couple are in a tense situation. Later, nothing came out in public space till Sachin made it public.



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