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Srinagar ranked 4th cleanest air city in country by CPCB


Srinagar, Nov 09: Marking a significant stride towards a pollution free region, The Central Pollution Control Board has designated Srinagar city as the 4th cleanest air city in the country. Dr. Bilqees Ara, a senior scientist at the Pollution Control Board in Srinagar, emphasized the city’s impressive air quality attributing it to concerted efforts and awareness among the residents.

Addressing media persons, Dr Bilqees Ara highlighted two primary sources of air pollution during this autumn season which include open garbage burning and the open burning of biomass. She emphasized that these practices release various gases, contributing to the presence of toxic elements in the air.

Dr Ara urged the youth to actively participate in efforts to combat air pollution, recognizing their pivotal role in ensuring a cleaner environment.The senior scientist pointed out the significance of proper ventilation in homes to mitigate the impact of indoor air pollution. She explained that certain home cooking practices also release elements that can be harmful to human health. Dr Ara recommended installing exhaust systems in homes to facilitate the proper expulsion of gases, preventing potential risks to residents.

In response to a question, Dr. Bilqees Ara expressed concern about individuals smoking in enclosed spaces, emphasizing the creation of toxic elements that pose risks not only to the smokers but also to others present in the rooms. She reiterated the well-established fact that smoking is injurious to health and urged smokers to be mindful of their actions.

Moreover, Dr Ara encouraged people to keep windows open while cooking to enhance ventilation and reduce the concentration of indoor pollutants. The call for responsible actions at the individual level echoed the collective responsibility needed to maintain the city’s clean air status.Srinagar’s achievement as the 4th cleanest air city reflects a positive trajectory in environmental consciousness and responsibility. Dr Bilqees Ara’s insights underscore the importance of addressing specific sources of pollution, both outdoor and indoor, to sustain and improve air quality for the well-being of the community.

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