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“The Groom Disappears Right Before the Wedding, Leaving Loved Ones in Heartache and Confusion”


SRINAGAR: In a shocking turn of events that left an entire community bewildered, a groom abandoned his own wedding at the eleventh hour. The bride’s family is in pain and is seeking justice for their hinna-handed daughter.

The groom was identified as Fayaz Ahmad Dar, the son of Mohammad Shaban Dar, a resident of Kanizal, Awantipore. He is an LLB student and intends to be a lawyer.

Dar, the groom had been engaged with the daughter of Mohammad Ramzan Dar, for over four years, and the couple was set to tie the knot on September 16, 2023. However, tragedy struck when Fayaz failed to arrive with the Baraat (the groom’s wedding procession) as scheduled.

The small village of Kandizal in Awantipora had eagerly anticipated the wedding festivities. Friends, family, and relatives had gathered from near and far to celebrate the union of Fayaz and Shaza. The preparations included a grand Wazwaan feast, a traditional Kashmiri meal known for its rich flavors and cultural significance, which had been meticulously prepared for the occasion

As the evening of September 16 approached, the excitement in the village was palpable. However, the joyous atmosphere quickly turned into despair as the Baraat, led by Fayaz Ahmad Dar, never arrived. Guests and relatives, dressed in their finest attire, waited anxiously for hours, but the groom was nowhere to be seen.

As the baraat got delayed, the family sent a team of village elders including the mosque Imam to the family. They were shocked to know when Dara’s family claimed he had fled.

The family of the bride, who had been eagerly awaiting the groom’s arrival, was left in a state of shock and agony. The abrupt disappearance of Fayaz has not only caused emotional turmoil but has also raised serious questions about his actions and intentions.

Bride’s father is inconsolable as he revealed that he has seven daughters, and this wedding was an important milestone for his family. He demanded justice for his daughter and called for a thorough investigation into the incident. He believes that his daughter’s future and reputation have been tarnished by Fayaz’s inexplicable actions.

Local authorities have been alerted to the situation, and the police have initiated an inquiry into Fayaz Ahmad Dar’s sudden disappearance. Police have reportedly detained the groom’s father but it was not immediately known if a case was registered or not. As of now, no clear motive or reason for his actions has been established. However, residents said the groom’s family has said their son was unwilling to marry. The village and the entire community are eagerly awaiting answers and hoping for a resolution to this unfortunate situation.

They said that the groom’s family could have conveyed them that the marriage can not take place and should have avoided brining disrepute to the bride and her family for no reason of theirs.

While the disappearance of the groom remains a mystery, the Wazwaan feast, prepared with love and care, was left untouched, serving as a poignant reminder of what was supposed to be a joyous occasion turned tragic



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