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”The noticeable increase in October and November visits highlights the timeless appeal of Dodhpathri, making it a year-round magnet for tourists seeking an unforgettable experience.”


“Kashmir’s Timeless Allure: A Magnet for Millions of Tourists Year-Round. The surge in off-season visits, particularly in October and November, showcases the enduring appeal of places like Dodhpathri. What warms the heart even more is the growing number of foreign tourists making Kashmir their preferred winter destination, many becoming loyal, recurring visitors drawn back by the unforgettable experiences of their first visit. A testament to the unmatched hospitality that keeps them coming back year after year.”

“Gulmarg Shines Bright: A Report from Grazle News reveals the iconic ski-resort as the Premier Pick for Tourists. With an impressive count of nearly 1.4 million visitors in the initial ten months of the year, including 9,000 international guests and nearly 400,000 locals, Gulmarg solidifies its status as a global attraction. Celebrating the achievement of drawing 9,000 tourists to a single location, this news is truly heartening for the region.”

“Comparing Tourist Tides: Ladakh’s Grandeur Still Holds the Lead. The captivating moonland of Leh, the endless winding roads, and the vibrant, treeless peaks continue to allure foreign tourists in large numbers, dwarfing the current figures of other destinations. A flashback to the 1980s reveals Ladakh as a dual attraction, often coupled with visits to Kashmir. The disruption in the 90s shifted the tide. Now, with political stability and visionary initiatives from Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha ushering in an industrial renaissance in Kashmir, it’s prime time to rekindle the charm. Let’s channel our efforts into luring foreign tourists back, reminiscent of the polyglot guides of the 1980s who seamlessly spoke French, German, and English, embodying the region’s welcoming spirit.”

“Cultivating Global Appeal: Unlocking Kashmir’s Tourism Potential. A strategic approach begins with promoting multilingualism—emphasizing the significance of learning French, German, and Spanish. Harnessing the power of digital marketing becomes imperative to showcase our picturesque destinations. Active participation and injecting creativity into global tourism events are key steps to revitalize interest. Let’s unite in these efforts, fostering a compelling narrative that beckons foreign tourists back to the valley in abundance.”



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