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Traffic Jamming: Address the Problem


The increasing vehicular traffic flow on roads in Srinagar city is leading to frequent traffic jams, more particularly during the peak hours of morning and evening. The commuters get caught in jams. The traffic jams are witnessed on important and major roads besides other roads as well. The increasing movement of vehicles is a reality and will continue to increase as is happening in other cities outside.

The roads are almost same but the number of vehicles is increasing with every passing day. Those dealing with traffic movement management will have to chalk out a comprehensive strategy to deal with emerging challenges. Further strengthening of traffic department through man power is important. This is imperative so that the officials are available in adequate number to monitor and regulate the traffic. A number of experiments were done in various major cities outside to deal with the traffic related problems. These strategies must be analysed and to be seen whether those are applicable here or not. Construction of new roads, wherever needed must be done so that the rush on the existing roads is reduced.

The construction work on the incomplete roads too must be completed speedily. The people on their part too must cooperate to reduce the rush of vehicles. Sharing of vehicles by the members of a family can be considered wherever practical. The people must take alternative routes instead of most busy roads if feasible. Strict adherence of rules is equally important. Sometimes violation of road safety rules also leads to massive traffic jams. Wrong parking of vehicles on roads is a common problem. Even as the vehicle owners are being fined frequently for the violation, still people continue to park vehicles on roads.

Those indulging in such acts must understand that their wrong activities create enormous problems to others. Because of the traffic jamming even those patients needing emergency treatment get stuck and their treatment gets delayed. Sometimes it proves fatal for them. There are others who have the habit of driving wrongly in opposite directions. This tendency not only leads to accidents but traffic jams also. There is a need to have an overall view of the entire traffic management and make the required changes.



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