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“Two doctors face suspension due to unauthorized absence from their duties in Jammu and Kashmir.”


Srinagar, Sep 23: Jammu and Kashmir government has suspended two doctors for “unauthorized absence from their duties.”

Dr. Asim Shameem Zaz and Dr. Kawaldeep Kour, both medical officers, had taken leave but failed to return to their duties after the leave period elapsed, officials said.

Dr. Zaz, who had been serving as a Medical Officer, had submitted a leave application to the CMO, Budgam for 89 days to attend a marriage function in Canada. However, after the leave period elapsed, he failed to return to his duties, leading to his termination.

In another case, Dr. Kour, also a Medical Officer, had applied for study leave lasting one year at GMC, Baramulla. She too did not rejoin her duties after the leave period ended, resulting in her termination.

The termination orders were issued by the Health & Medical Education Department of the Jammu and Kashmir Government, citing violation of rules and regulations regarding unauthorized absence. The department found that both doctors had left their positions without obtaining prior approval.

As per the department, Dr. Kawaldeep Kour had been given a final opportunity to explain her continued absence but failed to respond within the stipulated time frame, leading to the termination of her services.

In Dr. Asim Shameem Zaz’s case, he left the country without proper permission and did not return to his duties after his leave request. He later requested premature or voluntary retirement, which has been permitted under the applicable rules.



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