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UN has failed to resolve Israel-Palestine conflict: Dr Farooq


Srinagar, Oct 08: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President and Member of Parliament from Srinagar Dr Farooq Abdullah on Sunday expressed deep concern over the current escalation of tension and violence between Palestine and Israel, calling the key countries in the region to help deescalate the situation.In a statement, Dr Farooq sought an immediate halt to the cycle of armed confrontation between the two sides, saying the decades-old conflict has deprived the region of any opportunity for stability in the foreseeable future. “I call upon all parties concerned to remain calm and exercise restraint to avoid further loss of precious lives and property. I also call upon the UN and other international powers to step in for immediate relief and rescue of those afflicted with the violence,” he said.

He said it was very worrying to see the international community, particularly the UN turn a blind eye to the lingering conflict in West Asia. “I hope and pray for new possibilities for the achievement of a solution through the auspices of the international community. The longer the international community avoids the issue of Palestine, the deeper the hole it digs for itself,” he said, adding, “It will have to start dealing with a potentially more difficult problem of the daily violation of Palestinian rights in the occupied territories and the resultant confrontation.”The issue has to be approached from a rights-based perspective that ensures a solid basis for a democratic and sustainable solution, the NC chief asserted. Dr Farooq expressed profound grief over the massive loss of lives and destruction caused by the earthquake that struck Afghanistan. Expressing grief over the calamity, he said, “I am deeply pained to know about the loss of lives in a fatal earthquake to which the people in Afghanistan woke up to the other day. I wish success to the underway relief and rescue operations.”



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