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Weather Alert: Jammu and Kashmir Expects Widespread Rain, Snow


SRINAGAR: An active Western Disturbance is anticipated to bring widespread rain and snow to the region of Jammu and Kashmir from Thursday to Friday. The precipitation is set to commence on Thursday afternoon, initiating in higher areas and gradually spreading to the plains by evening.

There is a likelihood of snowfall in the Shopian plains, with a 50 to 60 percentage chance, and the potential for snowfall in the adjacent plains cannot be dismissed. Snowfall is also expected in areas above 2000 meters in elevation

However, at present conditions, snowfall is not foreseen in Srinagar.

It’s important to note that the weather forecast is currently in the monitoring phase and may change within the next 24 hours. This early forecast has been issued as a precautionary measure to alert farmers to the upcoming weather event.

In the event of persistent heavy rainfall in the Shopian plains, the precipitation may transition into an all-snow scenario. The highest likelihood of snowfall in the plains is expected in the Shopian district, followed by the Kulgam district.



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