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With Conduct Of 100 Mass Weddings, Al-Noor Yateem Trust Shines Bright


Srinagar, Sep 11: The non-governmental organization ‘Al-Noor Yateem Trust in a poignant display of compassion organised a mass marriage of 100 brides mostly orphans and underprivileged backgrounds across different districts of Jammu and Kashmir.

This heartwarming ceremony was conducted at a Marriage Hall in Bemina locality of Srinagar.

Chairman of ‘Al-Noor Yateem Trust,’ Shabir Ahmed said that his organization has been embracing orphaned girls as their own, making it an annual tradition to facilitate their weddings.

“Every year, under the supervision of their legal guardians, we solemnize the ‘Nikah’ ceremony for each bride. While ‘Nikah’ is a blessing, we acknowledge that, in today’s society, it can be a burden for these less fortunate girls,” shabirn Ahmed said.

Another member of the Trust said that they meticulously arrange mass marriages and provide the essential support that empowers these couples to embark on their marital journeys with ease.

Our focus is not on extravagant weddings but we save that money to help those facing financial hurdles in getting married ,” he added.

The altruistic efforts of ‘Al-Noor Yateem Trust‘ have been made possible through the unwavering support of generous contributors who selflessly contribute to the betterment of society. Their commitment to making a difference is a testament to the power of collective goodwill.

One of the brides expressed her heartfelt gratitude to ‘Al-Noor Yateem Trust,’ acknowledging that she has not words for their appreciation.



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