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WorldBlast claims dozens of lives in Gaza


New Delhi: Tragedy struck Gaza refugee camp with dozens of fatalities in a devastating incident on Tuesday. It has been reported that a significant number of lives were lost in a powerful explosion that rocked the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern region of Gaza. Media reported that multiple casualties, including fatalities and injuries, were recorded within the vicinity of the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza.

Official statements from the health ministry of Gaza and the director of the nearby Indonesian hospital confirm that the toll stands at a minimum of 50 people who tragically lost their lives. The health ministry has attributed the explosion to an Israeli air strike, although there has been no official response from Israel at this time.

Situated to the north of Gaza City, the Jabalia camp is the largest among Gaza’s eight refugee camps, with a recorded registration of just over 116,000 Palestinian refugees as of July 2023. This camp has been a haven for refugees, offering shelter in a densely populated area covering merely 1.4 square kilometers, primarily comprising residential structures.

The Jabalia camp has several schools, a food distribution centre, two health facilities, a library, and seven essential water wells, serving as a critical resource hub for its inhabitants.



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